Injured players and sanctioned players section has been created so that our users can check players who suffer injuries or those who have to meet sanctions.

In this section our users are available to follow the evolution of injured players and last news concerning sanctioned players as well, so our users will not fail to win points in their confirmed line-up because of this reason.

Injured Players

This Section is very simple, is divided into four columns with the most important information, and each team is separated by stripes, so it makes easier to access to equipment that are interested in talking to our users. We will define the four column:Team: it specifies the team in which we put the injured players and the players sanctioned.

Player: are named players who have an altered status than usual, either punishment or injury, in case that the player is not recovered to 100 percent but has options to play, we always clarify it with the word "doubt" next to the name of the player.

Condition: in this column are informed the status of the player, what type of injury has or how many matches is sanctioned (direct red, double yellow, yellow cards cycle).

Expected Return: the last column is dedicated to the date that we believe that the player will be available to coach again to play.

This section is reviewed daily to keep our users informed, as the operation of the entire web is the information at the time that know it.