In this section you will be able to check some information about any player you want, like Team, Position, Market Value and Points. You can either look for a specific player or do a broader search using 'Team' or 'Position' filters.

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Check your Comunio Premier Player's Market Value

This section shows all the necessary information about any player in the premier league. Each day will be updated with the new value of the players and if they have changed their points are also reflected. There are four ways to see the market value of a player:

In the first slot, if you know the player you want to search, enter the name and clicking "serch player" will report on the market value of that player and the points you have earned to date.

In the second slot, it will be selected the team you want to see and clicking "search players", all selected team players sorted by position, first goalkeepers, then defenders, midfielders and then finally the front , showing, as in the previous selection, the market value and the points earned to date.

In the third slot, you will found positions players which selects the desired position of the player you want to search and hitting "search players" and will show all players who occupy the position marked with its own market value, and points earned. The positions are sorted by score, from highest to lowest score.

The last option is to observe all players at the premier league, showing its market value and the corresponding points. The order is set for highest score to lowest score.

In each of the sections, once display the player or players, they will appear in the ranking, regardless of the computer on which this and the market value held.